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  • Love this stuff! I was walrus oil user until this product and after being caught in a rain storm at a craft show with all my charcuterie boards getting soaked, I'm an Odie’s oil girl for life. Besides giving the wood a soft touch and beautiful coat that shows off the wood, it truly protects the wood. All my wood at the show was soaked and the wood I used Odie’s on was fine, water beaded and they wiped off well. Any board that was not coated in Odie’s had water stains and had to be re-sanded and oiled (with Odie’s). Glad I made the switch to this amazing product.

    Lisa H
  • MORE COVERAGE FOR LESS MONEY AND NO CHEMICAL EXPOSURE It's super easy to use, rubbing it in with a pad or using my floor buffer on floors then waiting and hour and buffing it off and I am done. Been using it on projects for three years now. It gets better and better looking with age but still looks better than anything else I have used on day one. It's so much less expensive than other finishes by the tremendous coverage I get out of a small jar, it blows my mind every time. I make cabinets and sand and finish wood floors for a living. I will never use a other finish, my customers live this stuff as much as I do. One last thing, I love the scent and I don't have any exposure to chemicals with this product.

    Carol K
  • My best option by far I love using this product. I watched the videos so I knew how to apply it, and it ended up being fun. It smells amazing and the wood can be handled soon after, without the lasting stickiness that you have to avoid touching for so long and smells too toxic (I'm looking at you, polyurethane). Now my butcher block counter looks gorgeous and if in the future I need to refinish it, I won't have to stink up my kitchen with chemical fumes- I'll just reapply this natural, pleasant smelling oil that leaves my counter water resilient

    Craig Z
  • By far the best wood finish I have ever used. No more sticky urethane mess or latex gloves. Because you wipe the surface clean I don't have to worry about any little particles getting stuck in the finish. The fact that it's a one coat application saves so much time. Finished pieces look like beautiful wood instead of plastic. It's good for interior and exterior and it's food safe! A little bit goes a long way. I can't say enough about this product, the various other finishes that I own have gone completely unused since I discovered Odie's.

    Sam S