Presents The Amazing


Odie’s Oil Covers 20 Times the Area of Conventional Wood Finishes! 

A little Odie's Oil goes a long way!  And Odie’s Oil is food safe and can be used on all wood surfaces, interior and exterior. Odie's Oil stands up to the competition and wins! 


Wood Finish

Coverage for a 2400 sq. ft.

Hardwood Floor

(coverage will vary with wood species.)

Final Cost

Odie’s Oil

 12-9 oz jars (coverage = 200 sq. ft. per 9oz jar)

One Coat Coverage 

(12 - 9oz jars @ $38.50 each)

= $462.00 for Odie's Oil

Tung Oil Finish

14 Gallons (coverage 500 sq.ft. per gallon 

divided by the recommended coat 

application 166 sq.ft. actual coverage per 

gallon. 14 gallons 166 sq.ft. 2324 sq.ft.)

(14 gallons $67.00 each)

$938.00 for Tung Oil Finish

Solvent Free Danish

Oil Finish 

 12 Gallons (coverage 600 sq.ft. per gallon 

divided by the recommended coat 

application 200 sq.ft. actual coverage per 

gallon. 12 gallons 200 sq.ft.2400 sq.ft.)



(12 gallons $70.00 each)

= $840.00 for SF Danish Oil Finish


Polyurethane Finish

21 Gallons (coverage 350 sq.ft. per gallon 

divided by the recommended coat 

application 117 sq.ft. per gallon. 21 gallons 

117 sq.ft. 2457 sq.ft.)



(21 gallons @ $118.00 each)

= $2478.00 for Waterborne

Polyurethane Finish




Hard Wax Oil


 6 - 1.3 L containers  (coverage = 400 sq. ft. per 1.3 L container. 6 x 400 sq. ft. = 2400 sq. ft.)


 6 - 1.3 L containers @ $162.80 each)

= $975  for Euro Hard Wax Oil


Odie's Oil Utilizes the Discipline of Biomimicry

Odie’s Oil uses the finest oils and waxes produced by nature to protect your wood surfaces. These oils and waxes evolved in nature to protect plants from the constant bombardment of the elements, insects, fungi and other bio-organisms. The oils and waxes in Odie’s Oil are at home in wood because wood is where they originally evolved.  Odie’s Oil is the most natural and effective way to finish a wood surface by bringing you the best of nature, today’s technology, and the time-tested knowledge of the ancient masters.


No Muss, No Fuss

This single amazing finish can be used anywhere and is so easy to apply that almost anyone can use it with success. It is not complicated to use. Wipe it on. Buff it off. Now how easy is that?


Odie's Oil Makes It Easy To Maintain Your Wood Products

Odie’s Oil contains no toxic solvents, driers or hardeners. Since it is food safe, it is safe for your family and pets. It is the most convenient finish to work with and maintain. You can easily maintain Odie’s Oil without sanding between coats. Just apply a little more where needed and there is no overlapping! The wood only accepts the Odie’s Oil where it is needed.


Odie's Oil Resists Stains, Moisture and Water!

The concept behind Odie’s Oil is “what is applied to the wood is what stays in the wood”. The wood surface and pores are completely saturated with the oils and waxes in the Odie’s Oil that is applied, so there is no room for unwanted water, moisture or stains from wine, oil, grease, juice, etc! Odie’s Oil contains no solvents, so almost nothing evaporates from the application during the drying process. The wood pores remain saturated with oils and waxes. This is why Odie’s Oil is effective in one coat! Additional coats can be applied depending on wood species and desired visual effect. We like to encourage our customers to experiment with application.


Simple Rules For Success:

1. Use no solvents (don’t dilute).

2. Always buff the finish to a beautiful sheen sometime after application and buff the surface until it feels smooth and almost dry to touch.

It’s that easy!