About Odie's Oil

From the floors you walk on to the surfaces you eat on and everything in between. Odie’s is unlike any other finish on the market - it is the true hard wax oil, created by hardwood flooring manufacturer & expert James Tinghitella, yet it outperforms professional polished concrete finishes.  

Since it’s tough enough for concrete that has forklifts running over it regularly, you can be assured it clearly leaves other wood finishes in the sawdust. Odie’s Oil was crafted by woodworkers with the modern woodworker in mind. Keep scrolling to see the attributes that make up Odie’s


1. Odie’s uses the finest oils & waxes that evolved in nature to protect plants from the constant bombardment of the elements. 
2. It bonds molecularly within the surface instead of sitting on top like traditional finishes,
3. meaning no peeling, flaking, delaminating, chipping or unsightly scratches & cracks. 


Odie’s Oil contains absolutely no solvents, so nothing will evaporate during the drying process. What is applied to the medium will stay in the medium, meaning a little Odie’s goes a long way - just buff a small amount into the surface, wait a bit, and buff off. 



Odie’s Oil contains absolutely no toxic chemicals, solvents, catalysts, VOC’s, allergens, or hardeners. Finishing that is safe for the whole family - gloves and masks are not needed, and it smells like a day at the spa.


With the Odie’s Oil system of all natural finishing, there is no one way to do things! There are no sanding restrictions, and multiple ways to achieve the finishing effect desired - be creative and free yourself! Our all natural formula of rich oils & waxes brings out the natural beauty, depth, and clarity of your wood surfaces


Odie’s molecular bonding formula cross links and bonds, mimicking every surface it’s applied to. It’s not just for wood! A truly universal finish that works to protect and beautify interior and exterior surfaces including metal, leather, plastic, vinyl, concrete, epoxy, marble and more.