Odie’s Universal Oil

Odie’s Universal Oil (OUO) is a revolutionary true hardwax oil finish that was originally developed for wood but is so versatile it can be used on almost anything! Food safe, solvent free and non toxic, containing no added driers, heavy metals or part 2 catalyst. 

Odie’s Universal Oil protects, stabilizes, beautifies, waterproofs and enhances any surface easily, safely and naturally. Provides a lustrous sheen in one coat! OUO is clear curing and non yellowing while containing natural UV inhibitors, helping to protect from the sun's harmful radiation. OUO penetrates, cross links and bonds molecularly, becoming one with any surface it’s applied to and does not sit on top as a shell or film like many conventional finishes. It cures fast and hard while also remaining flexible. This means it will never peel, flake, chip, delaminate, wrinkle or leave unsightly white scratch marks or cracks! Odie’s Universal Oil will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful!

Odie’s Universal Oil is the most versatile finish on the market! It’s a modified and enhanced Tung Oil based finish. Our Tung Oil has been put through proprietary processes which have then been mixed in a special blend of the finest essential oils and waxes. Our founder James' inspiration, hard work and a driving need to solve problems, along with the culmination of 45+ years of research, development and field testing performed in the most extreme environments, produced a revolutionary product line that out performs and out covers the competition with unparalleled protection, versatility, beauty, durability and value. All accomplished without the use of ANY toxic chemicals, petroleum derived solvents, isocyanate hardeners, heavy metals or added driers. No worries! Odysseus Cornwall’s finishes are safe for everybody: families, kids, and pets! Odysseus Cornwall’s finishes are easy to use! No sanding or stripping in between coats or for retouching! Wipe on, Wait a while, Buff off. Easy! A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! USE SPARINGLY. "No solvents" means there is almost nothing to evaporate, so what you put on the wood, stays in the wood. Odysseus Cornwall’s finishes cover many, many times the area of other wood finishes. Up to 20 times the coverage as conventional finishes.

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Odie’s Instructions

Thank you so much for choosing Odie’s! The Odie’s Finishes are true hard wax oils and are proudly made of 100% natural ingredients. Unlike other finishes, it takes just a few easy steps to ensure a brilliant and long-lasting finish for your project. We want you to succeed!

  • Stir or mix your jar (Oil Only) well as ingredients may settle over time.
  • Tools needed: A non-woven pad (rated above the grit or micron the piece has been sanded to) / A Clean Cotton Terry Cloth Towel.
  • Use the non-woven pad to work the product into your project surface. The friction from the application helps drive the product into to the surface. Remember: A little Odie’s goes a long way, so don’t overdo it!
  • After working the product into the surface with the pad, allow it to set for 10 minutes to 3 hours (depending on the product used and surface applied to). You can wait, but your buff/wipe off may be a bit tougher. Do not allow the product to set for more than 12 hours! This will require a re-application to re-activate the finish for a proper buff/wipe off.
  • After waiting for the product to set up, take a clean terry (100% cotton) cloth towel and proceed to BUFF/WIPE OFF ALL the product from your project surface. When your towel has loaded up with product, switch to a new clean terry cloth towel until the entire surface is buffed off clean and NO product REMAINS. If you can swipe a clean finger across the surface and make no mark you are done.
  • Cure time for Odie’s Universal Oil and Super Duper Oils: most surfaces can be used within 24 hours and can be exposed to liquids within 3 to 5 days.
  • Cure time for the rest of our finishes: your piece can be handled almost immediately after buffing however, we suggest you give it a day or two to further the cure before any use. If you know the piece is going to be exposed to water or liquids, we suggest you give it 5 days of cure time for best results. On exterior decks, 4-5 days of dry weather is all that is required.
  • Additional coats of Odie’s products can be applied using these same easy steps above. We suggest waiting 24 hours in between coats.
  • For Epoxy/Resin projects we recommend using less oil than on wood - follow the same application process.
  • For Super Duper Oil and Super Duper Dark Oil wipe, brush, roll or spray on and work into the surface when possible. Be sure to wipe away any excess oil that remains on the surface. Formulated for wood, stone & concrete, clay & brick, metal, plastic.
  • For concrete, leather, or metal application- don't let the oil sit, BUFF OFF immediately.
  • When applying to concrete, the initial cure is much quicker - in most cases, the surface can be used within 8 hours.
  • For repairs or a maintenance re-coat, 10 hours of cure time is sufficient before use.
  • We don't recommend our Dark finishes for exterior use, all the rest of Odie's products are excellent for both interior and exterior use.

If you have any questions on the process or finishing tools please visit our website at https://odiesoil.com/faq// for more information.