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Mr. Cornwall's Super Duper Everlasting Dark Oil 32oz.

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What is Mr. Cornwall's Super Duper Dark Oil? // Odie's Oil Products  

Applying Super Duper Dark Oil | Non-Toxic Wood Finish 


Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Everlasting Oil - Dark


  • Provides a deep warm look
  • Creates a slight amber effect that will continue to darken with age depending on wood species and UV exposure.

* A Multi-surface product (wood, concrete, masonary, steel, metal, and more) 

* Great protection for all unfinished wood surfaces including fine furniture, tables, decks, floors, doors, siding, etc. 

* For projects large and small and all of your woodworking needs.

* Easy to use thin formulation – just wipe, spray, roll, or brush on and simply wipe off

* Can be used alone or in conjunction with any other Odie’s finish product

* Works extremely well with Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colors, just add the pigment Mr. Cornwall’s mineral pigment directly into the bottle, then shake or stir frequently to maintain even distribution.


The roll out of Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Everlasting Oil completes the incredible versatility of the Odie’s finish line, providing for an easy to use Danish Oil type format but with the strength, durability and safety you have come to expect from an Odie’s Oil product.


Its Typical Coverage when used properly:  Approximately 20 square feet per ounce. 

  • 9 oz jar average coverage on wood is typically 180 sq. feet

  • 32 oz jar average coverage is typically 640 square feet

3 Reviews

  • 5
    Cornwall Super Duper Dark Oil - Awesome

    Posted by Sam Gladstein on 8th Mar 2023

    I have been using this company's products for a few years and every product is outstanding. This is the first time I used the Cornwall Super Duper Dark Oil. I chose to use it because we were doing a lot woodwork in white oak that required hand application. While the Odi's dark is great, it's a bit more labor intensive to apply due to the thickness of the product (although we used the Odi's oil on desktops for this project along with Odi's Butter and Odi's wax). For the volume of hand applied finish we had for this project, we decided to use the Cornwall oil for faster application. It worked as we hoped and the finishes are awesome. It was so much easier to apply in large quantities (although we probably wasted more product than we needed to due to our application process). I highly recommend this and all the Odi/Cornwall products.

  • 5
    Hardwood Floors

    Posted by Chesapeake Schoolhouse on 15th Sep 2022

    I used this to refinish 900 sqft of 100 year old hardwood floors. It was so easy to work with, looks beautiful and I will continue to highly recommend all Odie's products based on the wonderful experiences I've had using them. I like the dark, brings out beautiful tones in the wood.

  • 5
    Odors super duper dark

    Posted by Steve Bernard on 7th Aug 2021

    I will only use these products. Absolutely perfect