30th Apr 2023

Versatility: One Tool for Countless Jobs


One Tool for Countless Jobs

Odie’s Oil and Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Oil were made for wood but soon discovered to be the most versatile finishes on the market, effectively, efficiently, safely, and naturally treating just about every kind of hard surface imaginable. An interesting fact is that these products typically way outperform the leading brands and formulations of finishes in their respective fields. For example, some of the leading North American concrete polishing companies have discovered the superiority of an Odie’s Oil polished concrete surface to those leading polishes and sealers costing up to ten times more per square foot of surface area. 

Not just on wood, but on concrete, terrazzo, travertine and marble, Odie’s Oil resists pet urine, condiments, wine, alcohol, acetone, motor oil, and gasoline among many other chemicals and liquids that are typically spilled on such surfaces.  

These liquid messes simply just bead off of an Odie’s Oil treated surface when other finishes are either penetrated or destroyed. So, for the purposes of brevity let’s take a look at a list of uses for Odie’s Oil and Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Oil on various surface materials.

  • Surface Protection (finishing)
  • Surface Beautification
  • Rust proofing
  • Water proofing

Appropriate Surfaces:






Terracotta Clay Tile, Pots, and more

Food Contact Surfaces

Raw Fired Ceramics





Painted Hard Surfaces

Just imagine how many things that Odie’s Oil can be used on. 


From your car or truck, inside and out from the painted exterior to the soft-top, including the hard surfaces on the interior of vehicles ( excluding cloth fabrics) 

-to your wood floors; from that shopping mall floor to the cutting board or butcher-block countertops; in your kitchen; from your soapstone sink or statuary to your leather sofa; from your plastic Adirondack lawn chairs and plastic shutters on your house to your clay flower pots; from your front door to the wood and brightwork on the interior and exterior areas of your boat or yacht to its hull and framework; from wooden gates to siding and soffits; from log cabins, post and beam interiors and exteriors to the smaller wood turning projects and furniture; from metal sculptures and I-beams to warehouse floors! 

From top to bottom nothing can be more useful around the house, the garage, the construction site, building maintenance toolbox, or the creative shop or studio. Odie’s Oil and Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Oil provides the ultimate in versatility, the optimum in coverage dollar for dollar / ounce per ounce; and it does it all with unsurpassed safety, durability, and efficiency. To top it off, surfaces finished with Odie’s and Mr. Cornwall’s Oils never need to be stripping in the future and rarely if ever need to be re-sanded.

Every home, every garage, every property management workshop, or tool shed, every automotive care shop will benefit from the world’s most sensible, safest, and most versatile finish material and surface treatment - from the largest and most demanding commercial applications to the most sensitive craft project Odie’s Oil products are up to the task.

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