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  • Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate

    Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate

    Odie’s Super Cleaning Concentrate is a blend of citrus extracts and plant-derived surfactants. A Powerful Cleaner and Degreaser For Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Household and General Cleaning Purposes Easy to Use Another Odysseus...

  • Bloxygen Product Image Bloxygen

    Bloxygen Finish Preserver

    Odie's Oil is proud to offer Bloxygen! Odie's Oil goes a long way, so Don't just store your left over Odie's Oil--Keep it FRESH use after use! Bloxygen is an inert gas preservation system. It uses powerful and natural Argon, part of our air. Argon...

  • Odie's Safer Solvent 32 oz.

    Odie's Safer Solvent 32 oz.

    All Natural Food Grade Citrus Solvent. A non-toxic replacement for mineral spirits, toluene, turpentine, xylene, acetone and other nasties. The USFDA Gras Rating inspires confidence in a safe product.  Use to clean and prepare surfaces for...

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    Dust Bee Gone Mask Dust Bee Gone Mask Dust Bee Gone Mask Dust Bee Gone Mask large size Dust Bee Gone Mask medium size

    Dust Bee Gone Mask

            Odysseus Cornwall's Outstanding Oils and Waxes is pleased to offer the "Original" Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask. Unsurpassed in dust protection, the Dust Bee GoneTM Mask is essential for the...

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4 of 4 Items