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Odie's Butter

What is Odie's Wood Butter? // Odie's Oil Products 

James explains the uses, details, and benefits of using Odie's Wood Butter. Odie's Wood Butter is a fantastic product to use on top of a base coat of Odie's Oil for added sheen. It's thicker than the oil but thinner than the wax.

How to Use Odie's Wood Butter | Food Safe Wood Sealer

James shows how to apply the Odie's Wood Butter, and explains when you would want to use it.

Applying Odie’s Wood Butter | Food Safe Wood Sealer

Odie’s Wood Butter on Redwood Lace Burl | Non-Toxic Wood Sealer

How to Get a Higher Sheen Using Wood Butter | Food Safe Wood Sealer

Why Would I Choose Odie's Wood Butter? | Non-Toxic Wood Sealer

Applying Wood Butter on Stained Birch Wood | Food Safe Wood Sealer