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Odie’s Universal Oil (OUO) is a revolutionary true hardwax oil finish that was originally developed for wood but is so versatile it can be used on almost anything! Food safe, solvent free and non toxic, containing no added driers, heavy metals or part 2 catalyst.

Odie’s Universal Oil protects, stabilizes, beautifies, waterproofs and enhances any surface easily, safely and naturally. Provides a lustrous sheen in one coat! OUO is clear curing and non yellowing while containing natural UV inhibitors, helping to protect from the sun's harmful radiation. OUO penetrates, cross links and bonds molecularly, becoming one with any surface it’s applied to and does not sit on top as a shell orfilm like many conventional finishes. It cures fast and hard while also remaining flexible. This means it will never peel, flake, chip, delaminate, wrinkle or leave unsightly white scratch marks or cracks! Odie’s Universal Oil will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful!

Odie’s Universal Oil can be applied to everything from wood, metal, leather, rubber and concrete to plastic, vinyl, stone and more! Works for interior and exterior applications. Great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic, solid or veneer. Formulated to work on even the oiliest of woods. Finish flooring, whether it be wood, concrete, terrazzo, bamboo or even cork! Use it on boats and brightwork, decks, siding, fences, gates, fine furniture, patio furniture, tables, countertops, bartops, bowls, charcuterie and cutting boards, spoons, knife and ax handles, toys, auto detail, hot tub covers and even use it on a squeaky hinge! The list goes on and on! Odie's Universal Oil is great for wood turners and can be used as a friction polish!

Odie’s Universal Oil is the most versatile finish on the market! It’s a modified and enhanced Tung Oil based finish. Our Tung Oil has been putthrough proprietary processes which has then been mixed in a special blend ofthe finest essential oils and waxes. Born out of inspiration, hard work and a driving need to solve problems with the culmination of 40+ years of research, development and field testing performed in the most extreme environments produced a revolutionary product line that out performs and out covers the competition with unparalleled protection, versatility, beauty, durability and value, all withoutthe use of ANY toxic chemicals, petroleum derived solvents, isocyanate hardeners, heavy metals or added driers. No worries! Odysseus Cornwall’s finishes are safe for everybody: families, kids, and pets! Odysseus Cornwall’s finishes are easy to use! No sanding or stripping in between coats orforretouching! Wipe on, Wait a while, Buff off. Easy! A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! USE SPARINGLY. "No solvents" means there is almost nothing to evaporate, so what you put on the wood, stays in the wood. Odysseus Cornwall’s finishes cover many, many times the area of other wood finishes. Up to 20 times the coverage as conventional finishes.


9 oz & 32 oz reusable glass jars

Approximately 21-25+ Sq. Ft per oz on typical domestic hardwoods (ie:cherry, walnut, maple,
Approximately 14-18+ Sq. Ft per oz on softwoods (ie:cedar, pine, fir)
Up to 35-50+ Sq. Ft per oz on dense exotic hardwoods (ie:rosewood, purpleheart, brazilian
walnut, jatoba)
Anywhere from 50-100 Sq. Ft per oz on concrete depending on level of polish.
Approximately 35-50 Sq. Ft per oz on metal depending on surface texture.
Approximately 35+ Sq. Ft per oz on epoxy

-Stir or mix well as ingredients may settle overtime
-Calculate how much oil you need for your project based on wood species or surface material. Remember a little Odie’s goes a long way, do not over apply! Apply sparingly with a non woven pad (rated equal to or just higher than yourlast sanding grit) and work the oil into the surface using circular motions. The friction from the application process helps to loosen up and drive the oil into the surface.
-Once the finish has been thoroughly worked into the surface, allow to set up for approximately 10 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the surface applied to (45-60 minutes typically being the idealtime for wood) For surfaces like leather, metal, plastic, stone, epoxy and concrete, you can buff off almost immediately after application. Do not allow the product to set for more than 8- 10 hours,this may resultin a reapplication with Odie’s Universal Oilto reactivate the finish for a proper buff/wipe off.
-Now it’s time to Buff Off and remove any and all excess/residual oil from the surface until dry to touch. Take a clean terry cotton towel and scrub the surface clean, making sure to regularly flip to a clean section of towel as it gets loaded up with oil. Switch to a clean towel if/when\ needed. If you can swipe a clean finger across the surface without leaving a mark, you are done!
-Most surfaces can be handled almostimmediately and lightly used within 24-48 hrs. Please allow 3-5 days cure time before being subjected to standing liquids.
-Additional coats of your favorite Odysseus Cornwall’s finish, Odie’s Universal Oil, Odie’s Wood Butter or Mr. Cornwall’s Super Duper Everlasting Oil can be applied using the same easy steps as above. We recommend waiting a day between coats with the exception of Odie’s Waxes, if top coating with Odie’s waxes, ideally, we recommend 3-5 days cure time.
-For non porous surfaces like epoxy resin, metal, stone and polished concrete much less oil is needed in the application process, please see coverage metrics.

The typical Odie’s Universal Oil finished floor will easily perform for 10-15+ years with regular cleaning and care before ever needing any maintenance. The only way to wear the finish away is to wearthe surface away itself. If and when the time comes for some maintenance, whether it’s your floor, a countertop, tabletop or cutting board etc, simply clean the surface (check outto clean your Odie’s treated surfaces here) and apply another light coat of your desired choice of Odysseus Cornwall’s finish as per their instructions. For exterior projects, maintenance will depend on the direct exposure to the elements and the products originally used to finish the project. In extreme conditions, maintenance could be once a year to once every several years or longer in normal conditions.

  • 5
    Odies Oil

    Posted by Marc Courchesne on 12th Dec 2023

    I built to 10' x 4' x 1 3/4" outside doors for my shop. They are shaker style panels. Each panel is a different type of wood. They are being used to show what the different types look like. Odies oil was the best choice to bring out each of there beauties

  • 5
    Odies for the win.

    Posted by Bradley fowler(4F woodworking on 5th Dec 2023

    I have used Odies Oil for years and will continue. It is easy to use and has a great finish with an amazing smell.

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by Rob Gutterridge on 4th Dec 2023

    This stuff really works. We have been doing a cabinet refurbishment and Odie's Oil has done a good job. Like new with little effort.

  • 5
    Odie's Dark Oil

    Posted by Katie on 30th Nov 2023

    I love Odie's Oil for my woodworking project. I am currently refurbishing a 1972 sailboat and have found that Odie's Oil can stand up to the elements far better than other oils I have tried. Despite the weather and salt water, the wood on my boat looks beautiful and does not require nearly as many touch ups/reapplications as with other oils.

  • 5
    Good Stuff

    Posted by Angel Escobar on 15th Nov 2023

    I started using Odie's Oil about 3 months ago and ever since I have used probably 7 jars for other jobs. That's how good this stuff is!!!

  • 5
    Great finish

    Posted by Linda Williamson on 6th Nov 2023

    I love Odies oil products ease of use and rich finish. Wood drinks this oil up and leaves a beautiful, natural result

  • 5
    Odie's Universal Oil

    Posted by Rick on 23rd Oct 2023

    I was about to varnish a beautiful oak coffee table I had sanded down when my son referred me to Odie's oil. OMG, what a beautiful product. It turned the table a BEAUTIFUL light golden oak color without my having to use any stain ahead of time. Odie's was very easy to use and they are right, a little bit goes a long way. I love this product and will never use stain and varnish again. I wish I had heard about years ago. Nothing compares to it.

  • 5
    Odie’s oil

    Posted by Scott M on 21st Oct 2023

    I love this finish! Works great, no solvents, clean, and looks amazing! Highly recommended

  • 5
    Odie's Oil Universal Finish and Polish

    Posted by Diane Krasnewich on 20th Oct 2023

    We applied Odie's to our 30 year old fieldstone flooring, which has never been treated. It looks wonderful. The finish brought out the colors of the stone. Also, the oil seals the stone and grout. This is great as we have many plants on the area. The finish was not difficult to apply. And your customer service is excellent. I have been recommending your company. Thanks, Odie's!

  • 5
    Odie's Universal Oil

    Posted by Kim Wagner on 4th Oct 2023

    This was WONDERFUL. A little goes a long way and it gave the greatest smooth, satin finish!