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Dust Bee Gone Mask

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Odysseus Cornwall's Outstanding Oils and Waxes is pleased to offer the "Original" Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask. Unsurpassed in dust protection, the Dust Bee GoneTM Mask is essential for the woodworker and anyone else who needs an effective shield from dust or even pollen.

Stop throwing away your money on uncomfortable disposable dust masks.This "must have" Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask will last for years! Developed by a wood turner who was tired of ill-fitting disposable nuisance dust masks, the Dust Bee GoneTM Mask is a washable, re-useable mask made from a patented interlaced monofilament material.

Guaranteed not to fog your glasses!

- Forms to all face shapes (even works with beards).

- Adjustable nose piece shapes easily to seal dust out.

- Heavy 3/4" elastic with a buckle provides strength and the top strap is easily adjusted.

- Hook and loop fastening on bottom strap provides maximum comfort and ease of closure.

- Hand washable and may be disinfected for use by more than one person.

- Easy to breathe through and talk through. Perfect for Teachers, Demonstrators.

Micron rating is 3 microns. Not NIOSH or OSHA approved.

- Comes in a variety of sizes.

Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask Size Information

• Small - fits Children to age 6.

• Medium - fits Mens neck size 16 and under (This size fits most women and children over age 6).

• Large - fits Mens neck size 16 to 18 1/2.

• XLarge - fits Mens neck size 18 1/2 to 24.


 yhst-81305425810030-2186-821447.jpegThe Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask is proudly made in the good ol' USA using only quality materials! 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


If you are sanding, you should be wearing your Dust Bee GoneTM Nuisance Dust Mask.