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Labor Day - Honoring American Workers and All Hardworking Individuals

Labor Day - Honoring American Workers and All Hardworking Individuals

Posted by MT on 4th Sep 2023

Some people wonder where the idea for Labor Day came from and what relevance it has to Americans today? The relevance is even more evident in today’s world as we all witness the corporate takeover of our daily lives, of the culture, and of the government at nearly every level. Ai and a robot army wait in the wings to replace American workers; a foreboding future is on the horizon. Certain political interests in America assured that the door was left open for giant corporations, oligarchs and robber barons (the owners of such corporations) to merge with government and control the markets in every possible manner. (Footnote 1) Labor Day’s origins are rooted in subversion more than altruism, but that doesn’t mean we can’t mold it into something better or good in our minds and hearts.

Labor Day is a political holiday which arose from the American Labor Movement which has political roots in Europe, tethered quite tightly to Marxism and socialism and organized here under the guise of labor unions which are also often rife with organized crime. I know about that firsthand as I often attended Teamster Union meetings in New York with my father. Sprinkled among the honest hard-working family men in attendance, there were plenty of crooked nosed wise-guys - muscle for their mobster and corporate masters.

The propaganda face of the labor movement was the protection of workers from corporate abuse, yet the idea of a labor movement ironically or perhaps nefariously came from those ideologies subscribed to by the European overlords. 

They were often Fabian Socialists and Marxist who owned the banks and big corporations exploiting capitalism for their own benefit while promoting a subversive ideology meant to lead to ultimate dominance and control. We are witnessing their endgame today when we see the shocking governmental and corporate abuse of the population at large, from big pharma to big banking, from big chemical to big government. The edicts being handed down from NGO’s like the World Economic Forum to the United Nations Organization serve an agenda of world domination, centralized power, and ownership of everything in the hands of the very few. So, unfortunately, the roots of the labor movement have grown into something far beyond just honoring and protecting worker's rights and safety as enthusiastic workers rallying behind that cause originally believed. It has instead grown into the tree of socialism and communism, into technocracy and totalitarianism, a control matrix that is truly cancerous to our nation and our civil rights as Americans living under the Constitution written by the founding fathers. Hence, our message is meant to help bring us back to center and paint a far simpler and more wholesome color to the holiday, one of honoring those who toil at labor and sacrifice their comfort and energy for the good of family and community. 

At Odie's we care about our country and our freedoms which are fast being taken away by corrupt power-hungry politicians and would-be autocrats who think they can make the rules up as they go along. Since we value our freedoms and the blood, sweat and tears that were sacrificed for them – we feel the need to speak up and speak-out. 

So, if you are wondering why we  sometimes seem political in our messages and blogs it is because business and politics have unfortunately merged in today’s America, and one is hard-pressed to find the dividing line. Marxist ideology requires that merger of government and big-business as the means to total state control; the state eventually becomes not more than a mega-corporation owning everything, controlling and ultimately enslaving all who they decide can remain. If hardworking Americans wish to preserve and regain our freedoms then we must address the facts and not hide our heads in the sand of political correctness or in fear of offending those who would repress and oppress us. 

So, happy Labor Day to all and please try to remember and honor those in our family generations that toiled and labored for their progeny instead of blindly and without reflection accepting the pacifier that was created to placate and dupe the workers into ultimate submission. 

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Footnote 1: The New Industrial State, John Kenneth Galbraith