30th Apr 2023

Are There Harmful Chemicals in Your Wood Finishes?: Maybe in the Competition’s Products, but Not in Odie’s Oil

Coating things from your wood flooring to the cutting boards you use to prepare your food, finishes and stains can transform any surface you apply them to. However, some finishes contain hazardous chemicals that may transform parts of your house in harmful ways and deteriorate you and your family’s health.

Respirators? Gloves? Who needs ‘em?

Polyurethane wood finishes containing harmful chemicals like cyanide and isocyanates, benzene and other solvents, hardeners made of heavy metals, mineral spirits, and volatile organic compounds release these chemicals into the air when evaporating. If you choose to work with these dangerous wood stains, then it's extremely important to use a respirator. However, if you're working around other people, this may not always be an option for everyone with you. These chemicals can take days to fully evaporate from the surface you apply them to – all the while, they are releasing a deadly chemical cocktail into the air around you that can cause a host of negative symptoms, such as eye and throat irritation, shortness of breath, and deeper respiratory problems. At Odie’s Oil, all of our stains and finishing products can be applied safely without the use of a respirator or gloves because none of our products contain harmful chemicals. We believe no one should have to risk their life and the lives of those around them to enjoy their woodworking hobby or career.

Food-safe wood finishes

Unsafe wood finishes should never come anywhere near your food. While you may want to seal, protect, and improve the look of your wood countertops or cutting boards, it’s important to remember the contents of these potentially hazardous products you're using on these surfaces. Many common wood stains contain ingredients such as petroleum, polyurethane, alcohol, formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, benzene, and glycol ether. Some wood preservatives even contain arsenic. All of these chemicals can harm the human body because they are carcinogenic, toxic, or corrosive. Odie’s Oil is proud to say there are no harmful chemicals, solvents, VOCs, or hardeners in our finishes, so our products are completely food-safe.

At Odie’s Oil, the health of our fellow hobbyists and woodworkers is our primary concern. If you’re looking for a solvent-free, food-safe wood stain, then check out our product page, and always feel free to contact us with any questions.