Thank you for becoming an Odie’s Oil user! Our team is dedicated to saving lives one project at a time and we hope and trust that you share this opportunity with your friends & family. To that end, we request that you read this manual, follow the course instructions and meet the requirement of each module before moving onto the next. Please watch all of our training videos in order of the modules shown before moving onto your initial projects finished with Odie’s Oil. The entire course program is less than three hours (plus any production time) in total, and can be completed over a few increments. Since repetition is the key to learning, we suggest revisiting the how-to videos from time to time.

Odie’s Oil is truly a revolution in finishing technology, representing the science of nature itself without the toxins and poisons found in other finish brands and finishing methodologies.


Using Odie’s Oil brings you closer to the natural beauty and feel of surfaces as you work it into projects in an intimate meeting of artisan & surface. With Odie’s Oil, gone are the days of fearing the toxicity of your finish and separating yourself from the surface material with a mask, gloves, and other protective gear or running off the jobsite as quickly as possible to find fresh air.


Users finishing the smallest wood-turning projects to the largest commercial and industrial scale projects can now be more connected than ever to their creations, and more confident than ever that they are applying a truly sustainable, safe, and incredibly effective finish.

The ultimate in user safety for the fabricator as well as the enjoyer of the finished project.

The ultimate in sustainability from “cradle to grave” = our factory creates zero waste; treated surfaces do not leach toxic chemicals, projects ultimately disposed of do NOT pollute the application environment or any landfill.

The ultimate in surface protection and beautification.

The ultimate in coverage cost efficiencies ounce per ounce initially and long-term over the life of the surface.

The ultimate in flexibility – no sanding limits, and you can achieve any sheen level with proper technique.

The ultimate in ease of use.

A 9 oz. jar of Odie's Oil typically covers over 500 sq ft of dense exotic hardwoods, over 250 sq ft on domestic hardwoods like white oak, and about 130-160 sq ft. on pine and fir.


Surfaces treated with Odie’s Oil typically never need re-sanding in the future, there’s never any stripping needed, and you can simply re-apply more of our finish anytime to refresh your project and/or spot treat with no worries of overlapping and/or mismatching due to yellowing common in other finishes.


Save time, effort, and money on every project, unleash your project potential and finish without limits - all with Odie’s Oil!

Natural oils and waxes are blended, modified, and enhanced in our lab without added chemicals, heavy metals, drying agents, hardeners,  petroleum-based solvents, or any nasty chemicals. Nothing could be more natural yet more durable and protective.


Odie’s Oil feeds wood, concrete, stone, metal, and other surfaces with it's unique formulation. Odie's is not acting as a layer on top but it instead has now cross-linked to the surface, creating a new contiguous surface that is stronger, more stable, and protected from external intrusions such as other oils, foods, waste products, liquids, mold, and chemicals.


Projects finished with Odie’s Oil feel natural, pleasing and simply amazing to the touch

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