Mr. Cornwall's Finishing School Module-2

Applying Odie's to Wood

Nothing could be easier than applying Odie’s Oil. If you have ever waxed a car successfully, then you have already mastered the Odie’s products application technique! We call it “get your buff on” or simply “wax-on, wait a little bit, then wax-off”. It’s really that simple.

1. Prep the surface with the appropriate sanding or cleaning.
2. Work Odie’s Oil into the surface.
3. Let it sit for a short time. 
4. Buff it all off with a terry cotton towel until dry to touch.

"Be especially careful not to oversaturate the surface while finishing with Odie’s products because with Odie’s Oil - less is more."

Step-By-Step Instructions

The applicator pads and tools you will use (whether hand or buffer) will depend on the type of project you are completing. For example, most furniture makers will want to apply Odie’s Oil by hand with a simple non-woven (rated higher than the last sanding grit) pad and remove the finish with a cotton terry cloth towel. However, flooring contractors will use both red pads and white pads on their floor buffers to apply and then remove the excess finish from the surface; followed again by a go-over with a terry cotton towel.


Floor buffers are heavy and serve well to drive the product into the surface whereas hand buffers may fail to achieve that result, so rubbing it in with a hand pad yields a better result on furniture type projects for beginning Odie’s users.


It’s really that simple, and the magic is in both the prep work and the way you use the various finishes we offer in our unique product-line. The Odie’s Oil line of products was developed as a creative system providing the user with a truly safe, efficient, highly effective finishing experience without limits that when used correctly, will never fail to deliver superior results.

Odie's is the best finish for any project, tiny to massive.

Tools Needed:

-A non-woven pad (rated above the grit or micron the piece has been sanded to).

-A Clean Cotton Terry Cloth Towel (Newly purchased terry cotton towels might need to be washed before using.)

Step 1

Stir or mix your jar (Oil Only) well as ingredients may separate over time.

Step 2

Use the non-woven pad to work the product into your project surface.  The friction from the application helps loosen up and drive the product into the surface. Remember: A little Odie’s goes a long way, so don’t overdo it!

Step 3

After working the product into the surface with the pad, allow it to set for 10 minutes to 3 hours (depending on product used and surface applied to). You can wait, but your buff/wipe off may be a bit tougher. Do not allow the product to set for more than 12 hours! This will require a re-application to re-activate the finish for a proper buff/wipe off.

Step 4

After waiting for the product to set up, take a clean terry (100% cotton) cloth towel and proceed to BUFF/WIPE OFF ALL the product from your project surface until it is dry to the touch. When your towel has loaded up with product, switch to a new clean terry cloth towel until the entire surface is buffed off clean and NO product REMAINS. If you can swipe a clean finger across the surface and make no mark you are done. 

Keep In Mind...

For Epoxy/Resin projects, we recommend using much less oil than on wood - follow same application process.

For Super Duper Oil and Super Duper Dark Oil - wipe, brush, roll or spray on and work into surface when possible. Be sure to wipe away any excess oil that remains on the surface. Formulated for wood, stone & concrete, clay & brick, metal, plastic. 

For leather application - don't let the oil sit, BUFF OFF immediately (within 10-15 minutes).

When applying to concrete, initial cure is much quicker - in most cases the surface can be used immediately. 

For repairs or a maintenance re-coat, 10 hours of cure time is more than sufficient before use.

We don't recommend our Odie's Dark finishes for exterior use, all the rest of Odie's products are excellent for both interior or exterior use.

Video Instructions and Examples

Watch through each video to get an understanding of how each finish works.

It's easy - just buff on, wait a bit, and buff off - check it out! 

How to Apply Odie's Universal Oil  Step-By-Step 

Applying Odie's Universal Oil Example on Figured Redwood

How to Apply Odie's Butter


Applying Odie's Butter 

Example on Curly Redwood

How to Apply Odie's Wax 


Applying Odie's Wax

Example on Quilted Maple

How to Apply Odie's

Super Penetrating Oil


Applying Odie's Super

Penetrating Oil

Example on Redwood Burl