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Exposing the Lies of Big Chemical - Part 1

Recent current events have demonstrated clearly to us that big-business, government, regulatory agencies, the legacy media, and politicians value profits first and foremost over product efficacy and the health and wellbeing of humanity.  



Exposing the Lies of Big Chemical - Part 2

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” The Great and Powerful Oz bellowed to Dorothy and her companions. 



Exposing the Lies of Big Chemical - Part 3

As promised, this week we continue with Part 3 of our blog, “The Lies of Big Chemical” with a focus on perhaps the largest finish products category – polyurethanes.



Are there harmful chemicals in your wood finishes?

Coating things from your wood flooring to the cutting boards you use to prepare your food, finishes and stains can transform any surface you apply them to. However, some finishes contain hazardous chemicals that may transform parts of your house in harmful ways and deteriorate you and your family’s health.




The Fallacy of the Film Forming Finish - Part 4

You may recall that in our first blog about the lies of big chemical, we promised to talk about each category of finishes.  Before we drill down to very specific finish modalities, I believe it is a good idea to talk about the largest legacy category of finishes - film forming finishes....



Social Media Influencers - Listener Beware - Part 5 

Recent years has seen the exponential growth of talking heads and social media influencers in the so-called mass media and social-media platforms. There are still a good number of truly expert content providers to be appreciated....



Certifiable - Greenwashing, Virtue Signaling, & BS - Part 6

Durability - What Defines Durability In Wood Finishing?

Forces of evil, ignorance, and subterfuge (usually motivated by political ideologies and profiteering) have brewed and fermented for decades to result in the insane and extremely dangerous world 



When we speak of ‘durability” we should ask - what defines durability in wood finishing or other surface treatments and what are the indicators of durability?

Here’s an essential list of durability attributes we should be looking for:


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