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Wood Flooring

Odie's Oil Wood Flooring Application Instructions



Wood Flooring Application Instructions:

(Use the standard Odie’s Oil application instructions above if you do not have access to a buffer)

Using a janitorial type floor buffer: Pour a pancake size puddle of Odie’s Oil onto the floor and buff into the wood with a red buffing pad. Buff the finish into the wood in the direction of the grain. Buff until the finish is completely worked into the wood fiber. Do not apply too much. Only use what is needed to saturate the wood fiber, and no more. The heat caused by the friction of the buffer will force Odie’s Oil oils and waxes into the wood, bringing out the woods natural depth and colors.

When the wood will not absorb any more oil, and the oil stays on the surface, it is time to move to the next area. Be sure not to leave any puddles of oil on the wood surface. Work any remaining amount of oil into the next area. Work in small sections until you have covered the entire surface.

One hour after application you are ready to buff the floor to a beautiful sheen. First use a fresh, clean white pad and remove any remaining Odie’s Oil from the surface of the floor. If the pad becomes saturated and is no longer effective, change it to a new one. Repeat until you buff the entire surface dry and free from any oil.

To ensure all oil is removed from the surface, a final buffing with clean white pads or cotton towel is recommended. Change your pads as needed until all traces of remaining oil residue are removed from the entire surface and the surface feels dry to touch. Your floor should have a beautiful sheen.

Stay off the surface for 72 hours and allow it to dry. Walk on surface with dry socks only, and keep the surface free of water for 2 weeks. This ensures even results; the longer the cure time, the better the results.

Easy Maintenance

Clean whenever needed with Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate and water mixture (1:99 dilution) white vinegar and water mixture (1:10 dilution). Use Odie’s Oil as a touch up when needed. Simply wipe on and wipe off in any areas to be retreated. Now isn’t that easy?